Friday, May 10, 2013

How to apply for an Adsense Account and not get rejected

Hi Guys, Welcome to my new blog I called $300 a Month.

I designed this blog like a simple course, so that whoever will follow all the steps here from step 1 to the very end will have a $300 a Month earnings from its single blog.

Of course the first step is to get an Adsense Account. Because this is where we get our $300 every month from monetizing you blog site.

Follow the instructions on this article about Sure ways to get Google Adsense approval you'll surely get your account. It does not require you to have a website or a blogger account but yet it is very effective.

If you'll have trouble getting you account, just leave a comment on that site, those guys are my friends and I know they will help you.

BTW, once you got an Adsense account, you can now use that account to display ads on any website you wish as long as it not violating any Adsense Program Policies. So follow their instructions from this link Sure ways to get Google Adsense approval and come back here when you've got the account.

I choose Adsense for one of our ways to monetize our blog site because it is the most stable and decent Ad service application available. And with my experiences, the $300 a Month is only possible with Adsense because other Ad comapnies pays really low and I think they are not honest on declaring your revenue.
BTW, if you already have a blogger account but don't have an Adsense account please try this link A fast way to get your Google Adsense account accepted thru Blogger.

I'll be introducing to you some other ways on monetizing your website along the way. So watch out until I have finalized my next article. It will be about how to get to the front if not to the top of Google Search result page.